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ATR offers a unique, cost-effective test platform for final test and wafer probe. We design, manufacture, and market the MTS line of analog mixed-signal tester. The MTS series of testers are specifically designed for low pin count devices, particularly for power, control, analog and data conversion IC's with emphasis on the analog part. These testers are unique in that multi-site parallel testing allows users to execute multiple test programs simultaneously. ATR's MTS series testers provide the fastest test times in the market.

DUT boards from other testers like the ASL1000 can easily be adapted for used in the MTS series of testers. Test programs form other testers can also be converted easily. In addition, MTS series testers provides improved capabilities such as continuous currents of up to 10A, Voltages up to 2000V, ZTA™, HEC™, Virtual Tester™, to name a few.

More details about our products and services may be found by browsing through the data sheets and other information contained here in our website. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us.

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